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The Golden Hearts Club

“There are no coincidences in life. Believe in the signs

and watch for the opportunities that life presents.”


International Book Award 2023

New York City Big Book Award 2022

Readers Favorite Book Award 2022

Literary Titan Silver Book Award 2022

International Firebird Book Award 2022 

Virginia Romance Writers HOLT Medallion Award 2022 Finalist

American Book Festival 2022 Finalist

San Francisco Book Festival 2022 Honorable Mention

Chanticleer Somerset Book Award 2021 Shortlisted

Chatelain Book Award 2022 Shortlisted


Cinda Swalley’s debut novel is perfect for any reader looking for a refreshing story replete with wonder, love, and the generous ambition to be patient and friendly toward people along the way. Filled with graceful writing and an easy pace, The Golden Hearts Club is an enticing fiction about becoming automatic members of the Golden Hearts Club by simply displaying kindness and hoping it will permeate more lives. Swalley has developed several compelling characters that offer a glimpse into the notion that people are connected in so many ways and that consideration and love can heal wounds, hearts, and lives, and even open a few doors to new horizons. In fact, The Golden Hearts Club often takes on a fairy tale quality that, while not always realistic or believable, is alluring in the pastoral possibility of enriching other people’s lives and perhaps attaining the charming idea of living happily ever after — Lone Star Literary Life, February 16, 2022

This gripping debut novel is suffused with themes of sisterhood and compassion along with a generous dose of mystery and family drama. The prose is crisp and gripping throughout, and Swalley is seamless when it comes to weaving effective worldbuilding into the dynamic motion of the story, integrating fascinating details without slowing the momentum or the pacing. The sisters’ personal growth and the family drama will draw readers in. Themes of hope, dreams, desire, sisterhood, romance, acceptance, understanding, positivity, and kindness are given plenty of room to breathe as Katie and Megan navigate a complex path. It’s an engrossing and rewarding story, and one readers will savor until they turn the last page. ***** 5 Stars — BookView Review, 2022

Cinda K. Swalley created a beautiful adventure story. What I liked the most about the story was the actual idea of sharing kindness with people, expecting nothing in return. The artistic descriptions of the places the sisters traveled would be perfect for a travel guide. I could envision every moment as though I were traveling with Katie and Megan. The Golden Hearts Club is a book anyone could fall in love with. It is full of adventure, colorful characters, humor, and promotes the kindness we all need. ***** 5 Stars — Readers Favorite, March 3, 2022

Swalley makes her debut with this riviting story of family, love, and kindness. The adventure starts on a good note, however, difficulties begin to knock on their door. They have only each other to rely on when the trip redirects their paths. Swalley expertly manages the pacing and character descriptions, with the secondary characters also making an impact. Love, hope, and longing pervade intertwined storylines as the sisters attempt to create lasting bonds in an initially hositle environment. As the girls’ journey progresses, an intricate study emerges of what it means for the families and friends to rely on each other as they encounter impossible hurdles. This is a page-turner. The Prairies Book Review 2022

Author Cinda Swalley has done a great job describing some beautiful parts of the country and these vivid descriptions draw the reader into the road trip with the sisters. Through the kindness of strangers and the sisters’ strong bond, they survive illness and harsh weather on their journey to California, where fate entangles them in a powerful family’s turmoil. In this unfamiliar land amid intoxicating luxury, Katie and Megan must sort friend from foe, love from lies, honesty from corruption in order to survive and find their happy ending. The Golden Hearts Club is a beautifully written novel that spans several genres. This impassioned novel will appeal to readers looking for an absorbing family saga that is easily intertwined with a travel adventure, a bit of corporate intrigue, and a dash of romance. — Literary Titan Award Winner, Feburary, 2022

The Golden Hearts Club is a feel-good story about spreading kindness and finding love in the most unlikely of places. It is a charming and multilayered read–replete with heartwarming romance, cuthroat business dealings, and an inspiring moral center that is unique in comtemporary fiction and romance. — Self-Publishing Review 2022

The Golden Hearts Club is a charming story about dreams, hope, and how human compassion can help make the world a kinder place. This magical journey is rich with sweet life messages and inspiration that lead a young woman on a quest to discover her destiny. It is a memorable and meaningful story I didn’t want to end. Angela Aja, author of Summoned to Soar.

This story captures the exciting story of two sisters who discover the kindness, compassion and love that is offered by strangers. I was infatuated with the vivid descriptions of places they visit as well as the fascinating characters they meet along the way. I anxiously turned the pages as the adventure led to intriguing situations and then into a surprising and heartfelt love story. I could hardly put the book down as I experienced the anticipation of what might happen next. This heartwarming and compassionate story enveloped me into their personal journey and pulled on my romantic heartstrings. Bravo to Cinda for her brilliant and colorful debut novel. Karen Mudd, The Woodlands, Texas

This delightful and compassionate story is so beautifully written it immersed me into a heartwarming story of love, forgiveness and hope that I didn’t want to end. Kathy Pollock, South Bend, Indiana

The Golden Hearts Club is a journey and a love story. Cinda takes us on an adventure with two young women who follow their dreams and touch so many lives along the way. If you believe in dreams you’ll love this beautiful story. Nancy Nelson, Wheaton, Illinois

This wholesome love story is an adventure full of compassion and hope. The Golden Hearts Club is a delightful and inspirational story that lifted me out of time and took me on an imaginative journey that was filled with compassion and hope. I found this intriguing love story hard to put down. Jenney Swalley, Martel, Ohio.

I absolutely loved this book. First off, I found it to be very colorful, expressive and adjective rich in a way that made me want to read more and more. I found it to be very compelling and delightfully positive and up-beat. It’s a multiple love story  extraordinaire with plenty of unexpected adventure in the mix. I highly recommend this book as a pleasurable journey into the intertwined lives of a road trip two sisters took. Paul Swearingen, San Jose, California.

The Golden Hearts Club is a refreshing book that is written with an underlying and much needed message to live from a point of kindness with an open heart. This story reminded me that this is how we should and need to live life, by loving honestly and openly. The adventurous spirit of the girls and their travels is lovely and reminiscent of a time that we all need to return, which we are all thirsty for and desire. We need to hit the re-set button to get back to hope, honesty and generosity. This book will help “ring the bell” as to what’s missing in our lives and how we can change our path forward. BarBea Carmichael, The Woodlands, Texas. 

The Golden Hearts Club has something to offer everybody. Whether you’re looking for a steamy romance scene, an inspirational story to encourage kindness, or a relaxing escape into the descriptive colors, scenes and sounds of nature and life, you will find bits and pieces in this book. An easy and relaxing read will leave you with a sense of appreciation that you took the time to join the the two sisters on their cross country adventure. Cindy Tice, The Woodlands, Texas.

This book is about sisterhood, a road trip, a romance, and a philosophy of life. I enjoy stories that are about more than just one thing and/or smudge genre lines a bit. It’s also about change and opening yourself to new experiences. Most readers will likely find something evocative in this story. It’s a heartwarming and heartfelt tale, and kept me reading to see where it was all going…and what would happen to it on arrival. I’d rate this story a four star and I look forward to Cinda’s next book. Kathleen Buckley, Author of the Georgian Historical Romances.

With the world feeling so devisive and in such turmoil, I found the book a most welcomed diversion. It was so nice to escape into the feel good story that was filled with family unity, adventure, suspense, the excitement of finding new love, and just enough steamy romance. The main theme of spreading kindness and doing good unto others made the book a must read for me. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. Becky Parsons, Keystone, Colorado.

A gift from my son. My son knows that I like to read all the time. When I started this read I wanted the girls to spend more time in their first city stops and felt they just drove through. But when they hit California I hit pay dirt and the story took wings. By the end of the book I was wiping tears in the tail of my flannel shirt. Looking forward to Ms. Swalley’s next book. Joan Graff, Fayetteville, Georgia.

I just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. The love story was grand and your descriptions of nature were poetic. I’m hoping for a sequel in the future. Kay Ness, Crossville, Tennessee.

This book helps us realize there is nothing greater than one’s family and home. The book promotes positive thinking and making the best of what we have. It encourages us to observe the world around us with a watchful and open heart, to accept ourselves and others as they are. The story consists of a variety of themes such as hope, sisterhood, adventure and romance, but mainly focuses on positivity and kindness. I found it to be very compelling and delightfully positive and upbeat. It’s an extraordinary type of love story with plenty of unexpected adventures in the mix. Swalley’s unique way of storytelling is impressive and captivates readers throughout, creating curiosity at every turn. It is an excellent book I would recommend to everyone. Five Stars. Aparna Preethi.

The story takes you through a women’s struggle to find her own path. This book is very positive, uplifts your own thoughts and is a pleasure to read. Definitely a good buy. Tommy. S.

I heard about this book and ordered it immediately. I looked forward to every opportunity I had to get lost in the story. I don’t have too much time for reading so I saved it to read only when I could really enjoy it. From start to finish I loved imagining their journey and wished I was them. I really hated for it to end, so I savored it at the end. I just wish there was a sequel. Cinda is an amazing writer and has so much detail you feel like you are watching a movie. I highly recomment it and will be giving it to many friends as a gift. Thank you Cinda for all your effort and time you put into this book. I LOVE IT! JAK, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

This book is a movie in the making. The relationship between the sisters was so sweet, just pure love and wanting the best for each other. Once I began the journey with the girls I couldn’t wait to see where their adventure would take them; a page turner for sure. This will definitely be on the list for my book club. Kevyn Rizza, Palm Desert, CA.

While reading and enjoying this book, I could not help but feel that I was reading about the adventures of two really good friends. I love the story of two sisters traveling across the country together, facing some challenges, having some fun, and ultimately, unexpectedly, finding love. I thought the book adequately captured the giddy and exhilarating feelings of meeting someone, falling in love, and knowing that “he’s the one.” I had a lot of trouble putting the book down because I had to know what was going to happen next! I wouldn’t call it a romance novel, although there are some pretty intense and memorable encounters. I would call it a feel-good adventure story with a great message about being kind to other people and looking for opportunities to make a posistive difference in someone else’s life. I loved the ending, but won’t talk about it–you have to read it for yourself. Judy O., Wilmington, N.C.

This emotional, compelling and uplifting adventure of two sisters on a cross-country road trip illuminates how decisions we make in our lives can impact many other lives. I was absorbed in the fascinating journey and the colorful details of the characters. Ever a romantic, this well-written story prompted a smile and brought tears to my eyes. A very heart-felt read. Ron Cole, Pacific Beach, CA.

Such a great read! I swear to goodness, I have never read a novel with any more enthusiasm than I have for this one. So good, you too will feel like you were a character in this fun and heart-warming tale. Deliciously consuming, the descriptions of the scenery and emotions, only bested by the character development and intertwined plots, are simply sublime. I found myself rushing through page after page to finally devour its crescendo. Spoiler alert: that ending. I never expected that. A wonderful, intriguing and delightful story. Christopher H., Dallas, Texas.

“Talk about blazing saddles.” The perky writing in this upbeat story kept my attention, and in addition to making me laugh, smile and cry, it also twisted my heart. The equestrian ranch details are true to life and pulled me into each emotional scene. This imaginative tale with its many plot turns and diverse characters is a winner on my list of bests. Cheryl, Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

The story allows us to follow two sisters as they embark on an exciting road trip. As we all know when it comes to road trips–anything can happen! The sisters discover how kind strangers can be, how people can make a difference in the lives of others. It reminds us that there are good, genuine people out there in the world. The book did a good job of restoring my faith in humanity by promoting positive thinking and making the best of what you have, while it encourages you to observe the world around you with a watchful and open heart, to accept yourself and others as they are.  & The story consists of a variety of themes such as hope, sisterhood, adventure and romance, but mainly focuses on positivity and kindness. I honestly had no idea where the story was leading and that little mystery kept me reading. The chemestry between the sisters was heartwarming and I’m sure that we would all love to have that kind of relationship with our siblings.  &The message here is simple but it’s everything that surrounds the message that really makes this book shine! I was surprised to find that this was the author’s first novel as it was so well put together. The ending was satisfying and wrapped the story up nicely. Sometimes it can be difficult to end a book but this was done perfectly, leaving me feeling positive and wanting to start the whole journey again.  & This one is sure to put a smile on your face! A very easy and well deserved 5 stars!  Laura Duffy, Coventry, England.

The Golden Hearts Club is a story about love, family and new friendships discovered as two sisters travel on a cross-country excursion. I love the author’s beautiful and descriptive writing style and enjoyed the capitvating plot. It’s an excellent book with a heart-felt message about caring for others that I would recommend. Himanshu, Jaipur Rajasthan, India.

I have enjoyed every paragraph of this book that seemed to be blended perfectly. This book and style of writing is one of the finest books in recent times that I have come across. If you love emotion, family, kindness and believe in uplifting others, this is an inspiring book. A highly recommended adventure along a wondrous journey.  Neil, India.

This book was seriously the sweetest!! I’m not usually one for romance, but the relationships in this book were so well developed and descriptive, I felt like I was on vacation with Katie and Megan. There is also a good amount of spice in this book about sisters and horse ranches. A thoughtful contemporary fiction with a message. I loved it. 5 Star. Lilly, Montebello, California.

This story follows two sisters as they embark on a road trip they discover how kind strangers can be and how people can make a difference in the lives of others. This story highlighted that there are kind, genuine people in the world and actually restored my faith in humanity. I feel as a reader, it stirs your own memories. Emma, Ashford Middlesex, England.

This family saga was referred to me by a friend. I found the writing to be outstanding, especially for a new author. The story certainly held my interest and I’m happy I read this heart-warming book. I recommend this book to readers who want to break away from all the horrible news and read something that will elevate their spirit. Kathryn Lane, Author of the Nikki Garcia Mystery Series.

This wonderful story kept me engaged until I finished indulging my heart in the absorbing, adventurous story of destiny, love and pain. Each journey opens a door to several remarkable encounters that are secretly tied with their fate. I find something exceptional about the sort of information that this novel conveys to our world. Truly, if we could all have a kind heart and show one another a bit of kindness, and pass on good deeds from one person to another, we will build a kinder world. This fantabulous novel kept me emotional and enthralled, and I would recommend this novel to every fan of literature. Peter Okonkwo, Author, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Uplifiting and heartwarming and hard to put down. I absolutely loved this book! A story of two sisters who together traveled the U.S. and the people they met along the way. The unexpected meetings and the interaction with these folks was exciting and the compassion and caring they shared was uplifting. The events that occured made not only a lasting impression on each of the girls and the people they met, but changed the lives of each of them. It was very difficult to put this book down as it was exciting, heartwarming and the anticipation never ending. The exploration of the lives of each of the people that the sisters came across shows how caring for complete strangers can only enhance the lives of each person involved. A wonderful lesson we could all learn from. Wendy Byrum, Spring, Texas

This book is a rich tale of adventure, new friendships, hope and love that weaves a searing family saga into a feel-good journey full of emotion. I particularly enjoyed the feeling of friendship that was incorporated into the sibling relationship. If you get the feeling that I enjoyed this book you are right. David Rayle, The Woodlands, Texas.

A feel-good read about two sisters with different personalities setting out on a cross-country adventure. An easy read and a very positive theme about passing on love and understanding. Edward Jones, Tomball, Texas.

What a wonderfully written story with an awesome message that we all would do well to practice. I highly recommend this book. Rick Gow, Cary, North Carolina.

I wish there were more books similar to The Golden Hearts Club. I believe this is one of the brightest books I have read in a while. The book emphasizes the importance of friendship, forgiveness and compassion, and promotes the idea of trust, something sadly very rare in nowadays society. If you are looking for an easy, fun and very bright read, The Golden Hearts Club is one of those books that can be appreciated by people of all ages. Diana Levit, U.K.

I loved being transported by this writing style that allowed me to see the words. This novel gave me a level of hope for the future and how acts of kindness are the greatest gift of all. Judy Bell, Rockport, Texas.

This story blossoms with adventure, love and heartache. The threads of the story are woven together perfectly to create a mesmerizing and heartfelt story with a message that will resonate with you forever. I think I will read this book over and over again. Beth Durtschi, Leesburg, Florida.

The writing in this book is so vivid you feel like you have been transported to a horse ranch with a family you love. The sister’s relationship shines on the page as friendships intertwine and become part of their futures. A heartfelt story I loved. John Coker, Houston, Texas.

This was one of the sweetest stories I’ve read and with such a positive message. It demonstrates to the reader how one small act of kindness can impact someone else’s life  and brings positivity and lightness into your own life. A lovely debut. JoAna, Portagual. 

The Golden Hearts Club story is about two close sisters that love an adventure and anticipate what’s to come. If you love travel, sisterhood and hope you will love this book. Astrid Domenick, Spring, Texas.

A heartwarming and engaging story when two sisters set out on a road trip to California, they expect to have an amazing time seeing the sights and having new experiences…little do they know, they will go through life-altering circumstances and end up creating new experiences. When they meet brothers at a horse ranch, feelings quickly intensify until tragedy strikes and they are compelled to band together. &This book was seriously the sweetest! The relationships were so well developed I was really rooting for the characters. The writing was so descriptive, I felt like I was on vacation along with Katie and Megan. There is also a good amount of spice in this book so if you like a love story, a book about sisters, horse ranches, or a thoughtful contemporary fiction with a message, this book is definitely for you. Billy Cole.

This story was really compelling, as two sisters touch so many lives when they set out on a cross-country road trip. Full of intrigue and great stories, this book was an emotional story that I thoroughly enjoyed. R. Mansur, San Diego, California.

An engaging ride-along with two sisters as they venture on a cross-country road trip. They encounter the compassion of strangers that engenders hope and fulfillment in their own lives as well as those they meet. There is ample adventure, surprises, and romance making the book hard to put down once it is begun. Edward A. Steger, The Woodlands, Texas.

This is a story of sisters who set out on an adventure that leads to love, friendship and unexpected blessings. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters as they travel across the United States making friends along the way. The author uses figurative language to bring the scenery, thoughts, imaginations, and interactions to life. The ending though is the true treat. Jennifer G., Vista, California.

This is a book you’ll want to curl up with or take on your next trip. It’s a story about the ultimate road trip by two sisters who find romance and adventure by taking the road less travelled. It has well-developed characters, some intriguing plot twists and a few sexy interludes. I enjoyed the main protagonists and the people they meet along their journey. This story will warm your heart. CB Steger, LaMesa, CA.

I enjoyed reading this book as I can see myself in both Katie and Megan, especially when they asked each other what they love. They were building a new bond as adults and were enjoying every moment of their sisterhood together. What cought me off guard, aside from remaining at the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next, is the unexpected end to this wonderfully written novel. Author Cinda has invoked various emotions throughout the reading experience, mixing different themes wrapped all into one enjoyable book. Once you start reading, you’ll realize that your’re in for a treat! Rae Capri, New York.

This is a wonderful, heart-warming story bringing people together through love and kindness. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would compare it to watching a “feel-good” movie. In the midst of despair and sadness in today’s world, I hope The Golden Hearts Club is out there for all of us to give and receive. Judy Maglio, Spring, Texas.

Such a feel good story filled with love, family, travel and generosity! The perfect read to start off my new year. Once I cracked the cover, I couldn’t put the book down. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun, feel-good story to inspire and to awaken your inner feel-goods. Amanda Blubaugh, Galion, Ohio. 

I loved this book! I couldn’t put it down. The story of two sisters traveling across the country with adventure and courage, and most of all fun. The style of writing was mesmerizing and a page turner. Highly recommend. Dolores Cashetta, Vista, California.

The Golden Hearts Club is an adventure of compassion and sweetly weaves together the lives of strangers. It’s an intriguing and well-written debut. I will definitely be recommending to my book club. David Lee, Cypress, Texas.

An engaging tale of sweetness and the call to help change the world by offering kindness to others. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Tammy, Kingwood, Texas.

If I have to pick a single word that describes this novel, I would go with “tender.” The narrative is sweet, full of positive vibes and meaningful messages thoughout. The concept of family throughout the novel is heart warming and brought tears to my eyes after seeing the girls leave everything behind to help a stranger. The author’s writing poses a strong message to the reader to be kind to others and open your heart. Katie’s character can be compared to our consciousness when it talks to us or to our heart when it feels compassion and affection. The Golden Hearts Club is a feel-good read that will help you open your heart to others. I highly recomment this book to those who are looking for a read that will put a smile on their face. Sol Tyler, Epic 5 Star

It is a beautiful tribute to the incredible bond between siblings as two sisters embark on their dream cross-country road trip and end up with a series of encounters they never imagined possible. A fun and heart-warming read, The Golden Hearts Club is a wonderful read for those with siblings. The incredible journey, a literal one and one of the hearts, is just as much inspiring as it is entertaining. This is a book I’m sure you won’t regret picking up. Martha Custis, 5 Star

The Golden Hearts Club is an insightful, moving, and thought-provoking novel. As two sisters progress on their journey they encounter different people and situations that will unveil the meaning and purpose of Katie’s dreams. It is a fast-pased, entertaining and very enjoyable read. The story is masterfully written in the way the plot moves and the way the characters are described. Swalley never loses the narrative’s pace. It flows smoothly and captures the reader’s attention and imagination from the beginning. I couldn’t pry myself away. The story is spiced with feelings and emotions that makes it a must-read. Celeste S, 5 Star.

If you’re looking for a book with a message of kindness and a feeling of community-much needed in the world of today-look no more. The Golden Hearts Club is a lovely story about two sisters who go on a road trip looking for their life’s purpose. Swalley is a great storyteller and is able to write about emotions in a very touching way. The characters are well-balanced, perfect in their imperfections. They way they interact really brings them to life and gives the story a good pace. Especially for a first novel, this book displays a lot of maturity and fluidity in writing style that ties in backstories nicely. This is a great read suited to everyone. Marcia, 5 Star

This book helps us realize there is nothing greater than one’s family and home. Home is where the heart is. The book promotes positive thinking and making the best of what we have. It encourages us to observe the world around us with a watchful and open heart, to accept ourselves and others as they are. I found it to be very compelling and delightfully posistive and upbeat. It’s an extraordinary type of love story with plenty of unexpected adventure in the mix. Swalley’s unique way of storytelling is impressive and captivates readers throughout. It’s an excellent book I would recommend to everyone. Aparna, 5 Star

The message of the novel is the love of family above all. The core to everything is family, where love begins and never ends. It gave me such a positive feeling that I enjoyed every single paragraph of the book. The characters, their personalities, and the descriptions helped me picture every scene perfectly in my mind. This book was a pleasure to read. I liked the plot as well as the message it left me. I was surprised to know that this is the first book by this author as it is so well written and all the important aspets were so carefully taken into consideration. For me, it is one of the best books I have ever written. Mayra Comolli, 5 Star

Strong family elements make every story more relatable. I can relate to Megan as I love to travel. I can also relate to her sister as she loved to sit and read books and daydream of adventures. As I progressed through the story, I loved the tone. I never knew what was around the corner, and my heart was always touched at what occured. The Golden Hearts Club is a great book for anyone with an adventurous heart or mind. Candice Wilcox, 5 Star

Literature offers life lessons that help us decode the world around us and be better people. Author Swalley has done just that by offering readers not only a gritty and beautiful story but also an enlightening literary feat. The charming text combines road adventure and travel, romance and drama, along with a fanciful tale that readers will enjoy poring over. Imbued with the right doses of light-hearted humor, The Golden Hearts Club is one of those books that you will enjoy to the very last page. I enjoyed reading this upbeat story. Lily Mooze, 5 Star

The Golden Hearts Club centers around the theme of life filled with good deeds. Cinda K. Swalley did a marvelous job telling such a heartwarming story filled with love, pain, strength, and joy that left me with my heart soaring and tears in my eyes with both happiness and sadness. The relationship between Katie and Megan was so strong that it reminded me a lot of the movie “Beaches.” No matter what life has in store and the tragedies that strike, love will triumph and be the ultimate strength. There will be many smiles from ear to ear all across the nation when they read The Golden Hearts Club. This story reminds you of the aspects of life that we all take for granted and how they impact and change our lives every day without us knowing it. A heartwarming story filled with love, loss, strength, and joy that will fill eyes with tears and smiles all over the nations. This book deserves 5 Stars. Meghan Soderholm

This is a lovely book I enjoyed from start to finish. Family and sisterhood are constants in this story. As a reader who is more interested in the relationships between characters, I am pleased with Swalley’s approach to writing. The characters are well-defined, and I self-identified with the sisters and their friendship. Swalley writes beautifully with vivid imagery and creates details that lead the reader on a fantastic visual journey. I enjoyed the reading as it made me feel that I too, was part of their journey. I loved this story for its engaging and fascinating plot surrounding the spiritual journey and the search for a life mission, which will appeal to readers across genres. I couldn’t put it down, and it made me want to read more and more. I devoured the fifteen chapters and would love to see a second installment published soon. I definitely expect to see more from this author who was a revelation in the novel genre for me. Highly recommend this book! Virginia, 5 Stars

I simply adored The Golden Hearts Club!  The author is a great writer as I felt like I was in the backseat of the little red car. In Arizona, we meet Rose, a Native American Indian, who nurses Katie back to health. When the sisters learn her story, they vow to help her find a new home. There are a lot of twists andturns in this book that you’ll never be bored. I think the world needs more kindness as well. 5 Stars, Misty Knapp

This captivating adventure is about serendipity; how a girl’s dreams and unplanned circumstances guide her to accept a calling to help make the world a kinder place. The sisters’ relationship is vibrant, relatable, and inspiring as strangers become friends and innocence collides with corruption. The tender prose is written from the heart and the sweet ending proves that the best journeys are measured by memories. A five star read. H. Cook

This novel brings out the emotion, humor and poignancy in all the right places and with the sensual romance, this book sizzles. I enjoyed the refreshing premise of this compassionate story. Enriched with love, underswtanding, acceptance and second changes, this book will remain a timeless classic for years to come. 5 Stars, Avid Reader

Impressive, heartfelt and a very timely debut novel. From the beginning to the last page, every detail is woven together perfectly. The story also shares beautiful messages about family, love, and friendship. A well deserved 5 Stars. Larry Wanless

I loved this creative story and how each detail unfolds from the beginning to the end. The descriptive settings and characters add to a story you do not want to end. An entertaining, heartbreaking and compassionate story. Scottie, 5 Stars

This story blossoms with adventure, love and heartache. The threads of the story are woven together perfectly to create a mesmerizing and heartfelt story with a message that will resonate with you forever. I think I will read this book over and over again. 5 Stars, Beth Durtschi

I loved the positive messages in this book during the challenges the sisters faced. When there was a setback, I cheered themon because they deserved good things to happen. Their journey was inspiring because it focused on compassion and family. Great twists in the story kept me turning the pages and I was happy when Katie’s dream came true. I didn’t want the story to end. A great read and 5 Stars. Mica, Iberia, Ohio

A heartfelt read when the terrible accident inspires a family of strangers and they realize that Katie’s theory about Golden Hearts rings true — that life presents opportunities to do more, to give more, and to love more, and although they are confronted with difficult times, participating in Katie’s recovery becomes a family affair that mends hearts and brings them all closer. A timely story about love, compassion, and family. July 2022, Linda

Five Stars. This book takes the reader on a journey of discovery with two sisters across the US and into the hearts of those they meet along the way. It is an enjoyable read leaving the reader with more than just their crosss-country adventures, but also a powerful message about life and the goodness it offers. Amazon Customer July 3, 2022

The descriptive and evocative writing leads us on a journey of learning and sharing when the sisters travel across the country and discover the wonder of human compassion. We realize the power of dreams, of family, and the importance of listening to our hearts. A magical story of how offering kindness can alter lives. February 26, 2022, Rycky A.

I loved the cross country excursion of two sisters and how it beautifully reveals the fragility of all things, family, love and life. This spellbinding story includes wit, wonder, and deep affection in a captivating plot that kept me turning the pages. July 28, 2022, G. Harpster

I fell in love with this story and how the characters become connected through a series of accidental meetings. A wonderful story of family, compassion and love. An amazing 5 Star read. Cassandra Flores

Positivity Intake. This is one of the brightest I have read in a while. It emphasizes the importance of friendship, forgiveness and compassion, and promotes the idea of trust, something sadly very rare in nowadays society. If you are looking for an easy, fun, and most importantly a very bright read, definitely give this book a chance. Jan 2022, United Kingdom, Diana Levit





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