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The Golden Hearts Club

“There are no coincidences in life. Believe in the signs and

watch for the opportunities that life presents.”

The Golden Hearts Club is a charming story about dreams, hope, and how human compassion can help make the world a kinder place. This magical journey is rich with sweet life messages and inspiration that lead a young woman on a quest to discover her destiny. It is a memorable and meaningful story I didn’t want to end. Angela Aja, author of Summoned to Soar 

This story captures the exciting story of two sisters who discover the kindness, compassion and love that is offered by strangers. I was infatuated with the vivid descriptions of places they visit as well as the fascinating characters they meet along the way. I anxiously turned the pages as the adventure led to intriguing situations and then into a surprising and heart felt love story. I could hardly put the book down as I experienced the anticipation of what might happen next. This heart-warming and compassionate story enveloped me into their personal journey and pulled on my romantic heartstrings. Bravo to Cinda for her brilliant and colorful debut novel. Karen Mudd, The Woodlands, Texas

This delightful and compassionate story is so beautifully written it immersed me into a heartwarming story of love, forgiveness and hope that I didn’t want to end. Kathy Pollock, South Bend, Indiana

The Golden Hearts Club is a journey and a love story. Cinda takes us on an adventure with two young women who follow their dreams and touch so many lives along the way. If you believe in dreams you’ll love this beautiful story. Nancy Nelson, Wheaton, Il

This wholesome love story is an adventure full of compassion and hope. The Golden Hearts Club is a delightful and inspirational story that lifted me out of time and took me on an imaginative journey that was filled with compassion and hope. I found this intriguing love story hard to put down. Jenney Swalley, Martel, Ohio.

I absolutely loved this book. First off, I found it to be very colorful, expressive and adjective rich in a way that made me want to read more and more. I found it to be very compelling and delightfully positive and up-beat. It’s a multiple love story, extraordinaire with plenty of unexpected adventure in the mix. I highly recommend this book as a pleasurable journey into the intertwined lives of a road trip two sisters took. Paul Swearingen, San Jose, California.

“The Golden Hearts Club” is a refreshing book that is written with an underlying and much needed message to live from a point of kindness with an open heart. This story reminded me that this is how we should and need to live life, by loving honestly and openly. The adventurous spirit of the girls and their travels is lovely and reminiscent of a time that we all need to return, which we are all thirsty for and desire. We need to hit the re-set button to get back to hope, honesty and generosity. This book will help “ring the bell” as to what’s missing in our lives and how we can change our path forward. BarBea Carmichael, The Woodlands, Texas. 

The Golden Hearts Club has something to offer everybody. Whether you’re looking for a steamy romance scene, an inspirational story to encourage kindness, or a relaxing escape into the descriptive colors, scenes and sounds of nature and life, you will find bits and pieces in this book. An easy and relaxing read will leave you with a sense of appreciation that you took the time to join the the two sisters on their cross country adventure. Cindy Tice, The Woodlands, Texas.

This book is about sisterhood, a road trip, a romance, and a philosophy of life. I enjoy stories that are about more than just one thing and/or smudge genre lines a bit. It’s also about change and opening yourself to new experiences. Most readers will likely find something evocative in this story. It’s a heartwarming and heartfelt tale, and kept me reading to see where it was all going…and what would happen to it on arrival. I’d rate this story a four star and I look forward to Cinda’s next book. Kathleen Buckley, Author of the Georgian Historical Romances.

With the world feeling so devisive and in such turmoil, I found the book a most welcomed diversion. It was so nice to escape into the feel good story that was filled with family unity, adventure, suspense, the excitement of finding new love, and just enough steamy romance. The main theme of spreading kindness and doing good unto others made the book a must read for me. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. Becky Parsons, Keystone, Colorado.

A gift from my son. My son knows that I like to read all the time. When I started this read I wanted the girls to spend more time in their first city stops and felt they just drove through. But when they hit California I hit pay dirt and the story took wings. By the end of the book I was wiping tears in the tail of my flannel shirt. Looking forward to Ms. Swalley’s next book. Joan Graff, Fayetteville, Georgia.

I just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. The love story was grand and your descriptions of nature were poetic. I’m hoping for a sequel in the future.  Kay Ness, Crossville, Tennessee

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